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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amy's Vegetable Sushi Salad

Sea vegetables are an important part of any diet. Seaweed is a great way to get your servings of sea vegetables in every week.

Look how cool seaweed is!

Seaweed is high in
Iodine as well as Folic Acid. Both assist in the healthy development of the fetus and decrease the chances of birth defects. Iodine increases fertility and protects the fetus from defective genes. Supports healthy thyroid function. Aids in brain development. Strengthens digestion and is helpful for constipation (something common in pregnancy). Very high in Calcium – good for strong bones as well as to help with the leg cramps that sometimes come with pregnancy. Very rich in minerals and trace minerals. Helps to alkaline your body (when trying to conceive if your are overly acidity sperm can’t live). Helps detoxify your body from heavy metals (something that’s good to do before trying to conceive). Has a high Magnesium content which is a natural anti – inflammatory and over all relaxant. Improves your immune system. Protects against cancer. Improves metabolism. Helps regulate blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Great for your skin and hair. Helps reduce menopausal symptoms such as fatigue and hot flashes.

Amy's Vegetable Sushi Salad

1 cucumber
1 red pepper
3 carrots
2-3 cups of leafy greens and herbs of your choice (I used an organic herb salad mix)

Sushi Rice*
1 1/2 cups Japanese short grain rice (or Sushi Rice)
1 1/2 cups water
4 TBLS Seasoned Rice Vinegar (you can season your own: 2 TBLS rice vinegar, 2 TBLS sugar and 1 tsp salt - mix to dissolve)

4-6 sheets of dried seaweed, rehydrated, rinsed and squeezed.
2 TBLS low-sodium soy sauce
1 tsp Hoisen
1 tsp ginger, freshly grated
3-4 TBLS sesame oil
3-4 TBLS Rice Vinegar
1-2 TBLS Lime Juice

1. Start by preparing your sushi rice. Rinse rice until the water runs pretty much clear. Place in rice cooker with water and let it cook. If you need to season your rice vinegar do so now. Cover a cookie sheet with plastic wrap and when rice is done spread over the cookie sheet to cool and toss. Sprinkle seasoned rice vinegar over the rice and toss to coat. Let the rice cool by tossing occasionally and/or fanning it.

2. Next prepare the dressing. Rehydrate seaweed by soaking in water, rinse it under running water and then squeeze it to drain all excess water. Place it in food processor or blender and add the remaining dressing ingredients. Pulse to chop seaweed and blend all ingredients. Taste and adjust flavors to your liking. Cover and refrigerate until ready to use.

3. Prepare vegi's how you like them. I wanted everything to be the same size so I threw the vegetables in my food processor (brand new food processor that I am in LOVE with) and pulsed until everything was chopped up pretty good.

4. Toss vegi's with the rice. When ready to serve pour dressing over the salad and toss to coat. Serve cold or at room temperature.

*You really don't NEED to use Sushi Rice, you can use any kind of grain (quinoa, wild rice...etc.) you want but Sushi Rice just adds a bit of sweetness that is awesome. It is also has a firm sticky texture that I love.

**I had some really yummy lemon wasabi sauce that I used a tiny bit of on my serving and I'm not kidding it tasted like I was eating a fresh and delicious sushi roll. YUM!

***Next time I make this I will definitely either marinate some firm tofu in a teriyaki sauce and add that to the salad as well OR add a few TBLS of Chia Seeds to the dressing to give it some added protein.

My two year old loves rice so when I gave him a couple bites while he was watching cartoons he gobbled it right up. When he looked down to see his rice coated in brown dressing and vegetables he didn't want it anymore. I just told him he could eat it when he was ready. After a while he came over and asked for his rice and ate a big big bowl saying, "MMHHH, dat goot!" and "More?"

This meal (with the Tofu) is high in Fiber, Protein, Vitamins A, C, K and B6, Calcium, Iron and Potassium!

*This meal can be easily adapted to fit a Vegan and Raw diet. For suggestions on substitutions and changes - leave a comment.

*Dear Beloved Readers of The Vegetarian Tree,

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LOVE - Amy & Ronda*

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