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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

When I was young and skinny I went to Europe. I went with a group of young single adults from Brigham Young University-Idaho. It was a religious history tour and mostly I was going to get a good deal on a trip to Europe but I also prayed that I would have a spiritual experience and learn something that would bring me closer to Jesus Christ.

I had the most amazing time. Our first stop was in Italy. Roma, Italia. We stayed in convents all over Italy (the only way to stay in Italy in my opinion). Despite being there during rainy season we had the most beautiful spring weather. Not a drop of rain, just sunshine to welcome us each morning. We ate the most delicious food (Italians know how to do pizza, pasta and gelato oh so well) and saw so many of the famous places (The Vatican, St. Peters, The Colosseum..etc) and things (The Pieta, The Sistine Chapel..etc) that I'd always dreamed about seeing in person.

It was such a busy week in Rome that when Sunday came I hardly remembered that it was Easter Sunday. We had to get on a bus to get to Pisa that morning but the sweet nuns in the convent we stayed at allowed us to use their chapel to have a short sacrament meeting. I remember two things about that meeting: The spirit was overwhelming and could not be ignored and we sang, He is Risen. Just as we started singing the words, "He is Risen, He is Risen, Tell it out with joyful voice!" the bells started to ring all across Rome. To me it seemed so loud as if the whole world was celebrating the risen Lord. It was a powerful experience and my testimony was strengthened of Jesus Christ.
I prayed this morning that this Easter Sunday would bring me closer to the Savior in testimony, gratitude or in knowledge and I can report that my heart has been filled. I know that Christ is the LIVING Son of the LIVING God. I know that just as He has power over death that He has power to lift, heal and change our hearts and that one day we will be able to live with Him and our Eternal Father. I am so grateful for this knowledge and my desire is to share it with anyone who will listen.

Happy Easter all you wonderful Vegi Tree readers! I hope you find the comfort, peace, health, healing and happiness that you may be seeking.

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