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Friday, April 1, 2011

Kid Friendly Breakfast

(forgive this poor excuse of a picture)

Freddy loves eggs. He still asks for them in the mornings sometimes so the other morning I wanted to give him something that I felt good about but also something he would think was a treat. I started looking to see what I had and this is what I came up with.

Freeze Dried Apple Slices
Sweet Cereal
Almond milk

You don't want to just fill up a bowl with sugar cereal and call it good. Choose a sweet cereal your kids like but that is still made with all whole grains and doesn't have sugar as the 2nd ingredient. I chose this CinnaSnap one and tossed a tiny bit of the cinnamon-y "snaps" into a bowl and added the dried apple slices and the raisins. I tossed them all up so that everything had a little bit of cinnamon coating and gave him a tall sippy cup full of ice cold almond milk to go with it. He thought he was getting a "nack" for breakfast. Snacks around here are a special treat, (since he has never been the best eater and I always try to feed him when I know for sure he's hungry). I know not all kids think of snacks as a treat but I think most kids like sweet dry cereal. Serve this with a piece of whole wheat toast with a little cinnamon sprinkle on top and your kids will love you!
(another bad picture - but he's very excited. I promise!)

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