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Friday, May 4, 2012

Microwave {Vegan} Cheesy Popcorn

Freddy loves crunchy, salty, cheesy snacks.  I hate giving him things like that...except for this....

Microwave {Vegan} Cheesy Popcorn 

Brown Paper Bag
1/2 cup popcorn kernels
1/2 tsp of oil
1-2 TBS of nutritional yeast
1/4-1/2 tsp sea salt

In a large bowl add popcorn, oil and seasoning.  Mix to coat kernels thoroughly.  Pour contents into brown paper bag and fold the top over a few times.  Place in microwave and set timer for about 4 minutes.  STAY BY THE MICROWAVE (you don't have to stare at it but just pay attention).  When you can count to 5 (make sure to count "Mississippily" - name that show) with out hearing a pop your popcorn is done.  Pour everything back into original bowl and enjoy.

Sometimes we are lazy and just pop the corn and sprinkle nutritional yeast over it after it's popped (less fat this way too).  Also, feel free to change it up, a little bit of garlic salt, or salt and onion powder are favorites as well.

The best part is...Freddy doesn't even know we are compromising....sneekymom :)


Sally said...

My mom used to make popcorn with nutritional yeast on it when I was little and I remember it was really good. Josh loves popcorn, so I should start making it for him.

Springer and/or Tyson (probably Springer) said...

My best friend's parents put nutritional yeast on their popcorn all the time! My brother and I love it!!! (But Tyson thinks I'm crazy.) I never make any, because I feel silly making such a small amount. We should totally get together for popcorn sometime! LOL!

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