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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beans, Beans, The Magical FRUIT! Week 1

Beans, Beans, The Magical Fruit!

Mini Series, Week 1

If we are going to center this blog around the fruits of the vegetarian tree, it is imperative that we start with beans. When I jumped feet first into vegetarian eating I had no idea what to feed my family. Moms cannot live on tofu alone, but at that point that was what I thought vegetarians ate. Over time I have learned to eat, serve, and enjoy tofu, but my life and family staple are beans in all forms. They are hearty filling protein alternative. When combined with brown rice, seeds, nuts, corn or wheat they are a complete protein with all of the amino acids needed. For a great article on what beans can do for you and your family check out this article on

With all of the praise I sing for beans I will warn you. They didn't make up the magical fruit ditty for nothing! When your body is not used to all of that fiber it might take a while for your digestive track to become adjusted, but give it time! Our household had an interesting four to six weeks and then we leveled out. Now when we eat fatty or sugary foods we have more gassy problems then most people do over a bowl of chili. Your body will adapt. When you feed it well it will expect it in the future.

Be Brave, BE Bold, eat BEANS!

To start off our Beans, Beans, The Magical Fruit! Mini Series: Salty Beans (a real staple, see another post HERE) and Garlic Onion Mexican Rice

First off I learned this simple recipe from my friend with a Mexican heritage, Jose. His mother was an expert at pots of beans. I was shocked at the simplicity of this food.

Salty Beans

5 cups dried pinto beans

1 onion peeled and halved

Water to the top of the crockpot

Cook on high all day. 1 hour before serving salt to taste. I use about 2 TBL of Salt for an entire 5 cup crock pot.

I use these beans for absolutely everything. The day I first cook the beans we might eat them over mexican rice. Which was another gift from my Mexican friend, Jose.

Garlic Onion Mexican Rice

1 TBS Olive Oil
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 onion, chopped
2 cups rice

Saute garlic and 1 chopped onion in the bottom of a stock pan with olive oil. When onions are translucent add 2 cups of rice. Stir until slightly browned. Add water according to pkg directions. Bring to a boil with lid off. Once water is boiling add salt by small increments until it tastes like broth. The only thing I can tell you is to keep tasting. You will know when it all of a sudden tastes yummy. Turn heat down to low, cover until water is absorbed.

Enjoy under your salty beans with a yummy green salad on the side and serving of corn.

*Next up on our Beans, Beans, The Magical Fruit! Mini Series: The Salty Bean Burrito Bar

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Anna-Kare said...

I'm just wondering what kind of rice you are talking about in your recipe for Garlic Onion Mexican Rice. I assume the long-cooking kind? I tried the Salty Beans and we loved them. Definitely going in my permanent recipe file. Thanks.

amanda jane said...

just found your blog via Bloom. thank you for your efforts! I was just thinking I wanted to find a good mexican rice recipe - I think with the addition of some tomatoes this will be perfect! will be adding you to my google reader for sure.

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